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Win the market with quality, achieve benefits with integrity

Zhejiang Dunyun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dunyun Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta - Zhuji High-tech Economic and Technological Development Zone, the hometown of Xishi. The company is located at Diankou, known as the "hometown of hardware", adjacent to the West Lake and Xiaoshan Airport, running through Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and Hangjinqu Expressway.

Founded in 1999, the company mainly produces various types of water supply systems, central air conditioning systems, heating systems, gas systems, special ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, temperature control valves, gas valves, exhaust valves, and filters under the brand "Dunyun". , floor heating sub-catchment and other copper valves and new aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PP-R pipe fittings, direct-melting steady-state pipes, PB pipe fittings, PERT floor heating pipes, EVOH oxygen barrier pipes, stainless steel gas bellows, water pipes Stainless steel bellows and other plumbing accessories.

The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, and can carry out many business activities such as product design, production, testing, sales and tracking services. Our products have been distributed in the three major fields of water, gas and HVAC, and we have reached long-term strategic cooperation with many brand manufacturers.

The company adheres to the management policy of "scientific management, meticulous carving, innovative development, and craftsman quality", further improves product quality, continuously improves product quality control management, and takes the development of national brands as its own responsibility with excellent product services and professional technical capabilities. The company continuously explores, makes steady progress, and strives to build the "Dunyun" brand.

Dunyun products, use at ease.

Interpret professionalism with quality

Zhejiang Dunyun Industrial Co., Ltd. has three major production bases. Our products are not only sold in China, but also sold to countries, Russia, Germany, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Pakistan, etc.

Business Philosophy

Adhere to integrity, map out a strategy

Quality Purpose

Scientific management,fine craftsmanship

Talent Concept

Respect talents, develop talents, serve talents

Code of Conduct

Concentrate on work and be down-to-earth

Our Team

A team refers to a system in which a small group of people with a common goal and different abilities consciously coordinate behavior or force. This group of people is like a person's five senses, and they work together to maintain the company's survival.

We are a grateful team. We are grateful for every day, everything in our life, the trust of our customers and the help of our friends.

We are a responsible team.Our members have decades of professional and technical background in the floor heating, valve, and pipe industries, and they come from the backbone of domestic industry companies.

We are an innovative team. We work hard, be practical, have high-efficiency character and innovative spirit.

We are an honest team. We firmly believe that excellent quality comes from the trust of customers. Only by focusing can we make a good valve.

We are a developing team. We come from all over the world, because of a common development dream: to manufacture Chinese valves and plant Chinese green doors.

Team Style

Partner standing challenges of Dunyun 5S activity

Eagle strikes the sky, struggling for future

Helping each other in the same boat of Dunyun 5S activity

Outdoor Training of Dunyun Exploration Tour

Stick to original intention, keep moving forward

Our Team

  • Integrity is the foundation of life and the cornerstone of business. To people and things, seek truth from facts, be honest and keep words.


  • Taking responsibility with shoulders is the step to change.


  • See what people see, think what people think; dare to break the existing model, the existing standard; a little makes a lot, to realize revolutionary innovation.


  • Our achievements come from the care and help of our relatives, friends and colleagues. We are grateful for you, and we cherish it and never forget the fundamentals of being a human being.


  • Seize the opportunity and improve the ability; based on the long-term, looking for the rising thing;recognize yourself and see the direction; strengthen alliances and consolidate strength.