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Service Philosophy

We serve customers with heart



We effectively manage and guide the operation points of products in the process of sales, distribution, installation and commissioning, attach importance to the training of dealers, and provide comprehensive training on product knowledge and marketing services. Our professional marketing staff will explain product knowledge to you according to the characteristics of different regions and different uses, answer product questions, and provide products that meet the individual needs of different users, allowing you to experience a full range of professional consulting services.



We strive for high efficiency in all aspects and race against time to create value for customers. While ensuring the quality of high-quality products, Dunyun strives to improve the efficiency of each process of production, inspection, warehouse delivery, and transportation, so that customers can provide the required quantity and category of products within the required time.



We continuously strengthen quality innovation and technological innovation, not stick to tradition, advocate innovation, develop more comprehensive product categories with intelligent management and continuous new thinking, so as to meet the needs of different users.



Dunyun provides users with thoughtful and meticulous after-sales service. Our professional service personnel provide one-to-one intimate tracking service and answer customers' questions in a timely manner, so that our customers can buy and use with confidence. One choice, lifetime benefit.



Dunyun insists on treating every customer sincerely, answering customers' doubts with a sincere attitude and friendly words and deeds, so that customers can feel at home at all times. At the same time, it establishes a complete customer file for each customer, conducts return visits from time to time, records and grasps the feedback of each user, and provides thoughtful suggestions and services.

Service Support and Telephone

  • Tel: 0570-87616837
  • Join Hotline:13706857809
  • Dealer inquiry:800-8575-018
  • Counterfeit product report:13858433620
  • Product order:0575-87616837
  • Other services:0575-87616830