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After-sales Commitment

We serve customers with heart

  • Free technical consultation

  • The warranty period is implemented according to the national standard

  • PICCinsured

Production Commitment

With the advent of the economic era, we are well aware of the importance of science and technology. The competition in the market largely depends on the competition of equipment. For this reason, we not only pay attention to the introduction, promotion and application of new materials, new processes and new technologies, but also pay more attention to the introduction of equipment.Every year, Dunyun invests a lot of money in the renewal of equipment. With advanced equipment, we improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve market competitiveness to make customers a real decision-maker to a large extent.

Detection Commitment

Dunyun is committed to providing consumers with safer, more environmentally friendly and healthier products. Each product seeks details in the manufacturing process, demonstrating the brand connotation of Dunyun Industry's pursuit of quality and excellence. Before the product is launched on the market, it is given careful care and strict inspection. Only in this way can the quality of the product be truly guaranteed.

Detection Program

We serve customers with heart

Product Promise

  • Dunyun promises to provide the goods in strict accordance with the national standards. If there is a quality problem, you can replace the defective goods and parts or provide services within the corresponding quality guarantee period with the product purchase bill.

  • Dunyun promises that the supplied goods shall be carried out in accordance with relevant design, manufacture, inspection, installation and other standards. The supplied goods, products, accessories, etc. are all brand-new, unused, original and genuine products that fully meet the corresponding quality standards. The goods, products and accessories provided are in compliance with the current laws and regulations on product quality, safety, hygiene, environmental protection, quarantine inspection, production and operation licenses, etc., and have already the above qualifications, certificates, inspection reports or licenses.

  • Dunyun promises that the goods are properly installed and guaranteed to have satisfactory performance during their service life under normal use and maintenance conditions. During the two-year quality guarantee period of the goods, the defective and damaged parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge, to ensure the normal operation of the product, and to bear all losses due to defects in design, workmanship, materials or installation.

  • Dunyun promises to continue to provide extensive and preferential technical services and supplies after the expiration of the warranty.

  • Dunyun promises that the products provided by the company have perfect processing technology, complete testing methods, and the products will never leave the factory with defects.

  • The product has been insured with product quality liability insurance from the People's Insurance Company of China. Once quality liability occurs, our company will start the P&I procedure, and replace and repair the supplied products for free as soon as possible.

  • Our company will respond within 1 hour after receiving the call about product quality problems, and rush to the site to troubleshoot within 24 hours. If it cannot be repaired, our company is responsible for free to replac all defective products or parts to ensure normal work.

  • Dunyun strengthens pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and implements "24-hour service", "advanced service", "full-process service" and "lifetime service" in the whole process of product manufacturing, installation, commissioning and repair, and provides non-stop services until the end. Note: The company is not responsible for the loss of users caused by the quality problems of the product itself.