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Shield Luck|Caring for the Earth, Protecting the Homeland


Plant beauty and hope

The Earth Day

Caring for the earth, protecting the homeland

Earth Day is a

A festival for the protection of the world's environment

Every year on April 22, by Gaylord Nelson

and Dennis Hayes in 1970 initiate

Aims to raise public awareness of existing environmental issues

And mobilize the public to participate in the environmental protection movement

Improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life

origin of earth day

Earth Day By Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes in 1970.

Today, Earth Day celebrations have grown to 192 countries, with more than 1 billion people participating each year

Among them, it has become a folk environmental protection festival in the world. And the organizers of the 1970 event Danny

Hayes Also known as the father of Earth Day.

Love the earth and protect the environment

April 22 this year is the 53rd World Earth Day, and the theme of the propaganda is "Cherish the Earth" in harmony between man and nature

Symbiosis". As we all know, this year is a special year, and the ravages of the new crown pneumonia have made us deeply aware of people

The importance of living in harmony with nature.

Some of the current environmental problems


Today, Earth Day,
We have only one Earth,
Let us join hands,
Start every day,
Start with every little thing,
Take care of our common home together!