105-1 union locking brass gate valve for water meter

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105-1 union locking brass gate valve for water meter

Product parameters: Specifications (mm): DN15-20, DN20-20, etc.

Operation Instruction: 

1、The Dunyun gate valve accepts internal and external screw thread, flange and welding connection. The shell, valve cover and gate plate are processed by hot forging and tempering, and the sealing surface is cut by high-precision sealing plane. The seal test strictly implemented according to GB / T13927-2008 Industrial Valve Pressure Test, the pipe thread accuracy and active length strictly implemented according to ISO228. The pre-factory test qualified rate is 100%.

2、Using the corresponding force torch wrench or pipe clamp to pull the thread on the same side of the hexagon or octagonal part screw thread active length when installation. Do not put excessive jacking pressure which may cause the deformation of internal end surface.

3、The hand wheel is designed according to the corresponding torque. Do not use the increased force arm which may damage the valve. Refrigeration, HVAC system gate valve must use the 1.6Mpa (or above nominal pressure) valve.

4、When installing the flange gate valve, please make sure that the flange surface at both ends of the pipeline is parallel and coaxial, the spacing size should be appropriate, the connection thread should be corresponding, and the deviation shall not be too large, otherwise the installation quality of the valve and sealing performance will be affected.

Product features: 

1、small flow resistance

2、easy to start and close

3、unrestricted media flow direction

4、the erosion of working medium of the sealing surface is smaller than the stop valve when full open