PE-RT floor heating pipe

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PE-RT floor heating pipe

Product parameters: Specifications (mm):

The polyethylene resistant (PE-RT) pipe for floor heating is a high temperature resistant pipe system using ethylene-octyene copolymer as the main raw material according to CJ / T175-2002. Its raw materials have a unique molecular structure. It uses linear ethylene as the main chain with controllable branches, so as to ensure good performance of water pressure resistance. It is soft enough to make it easy to bend and does not deform during construction, with characteristics of low temperature impact resistance, safe and sanitary, hot melting connection, reliable interface with no leakage, which is the ideal pipe for floor heating.

Product features:

  • Light weight: easy for transportation and installation.

  • Soft: with large bending modulus and good softness.

  • Thermal conductivity: high thermal conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, suitable for floor heating pipe.

  • Low temperature impact resistance: it can still maintain high elasticity at low temperature, the pipe is not easy to be impacted and burst in winter construction.

  • Environmental protection: it can be recycled, which do not pollute the environment and will not produce secondary pollution.

  • Long service life: good chemical corrosion resistance, the normal service life of the pipeline is more than 50 years.

  • Reliable connection: it can use melt-resistant connection to form a completely closed seepage prevention system, which is convenient and make firm connection.

  • Sanitary performance: non-toxic, tasteless, good sanitary performance.