PE-RT (oxygen resistance) EVOH floor heating pipe

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PE-RT (oxygen resistance) EVOH floor heating pipe

Product parameters: Specifications (mm): red / purple

The raw material used for the inner layer of PE-RT (oxygen resistance) floor heating pipe is SK polyethylene imported from South Korea, and the outer oxygen resistance layer is EVAL from Japan. The raw material has a unique molecular structure, which takes linear ethylene as the main chain with controllable branches, so as to have good performance of water pressure resistance. Long-term hydrostatic tests confirmed that the life of this product far exceeds 1 year under 110℃ and 2MPa ring stress. It can prevent oxygen from infiltrating into the pipe system, so as to prevent the corrosion and rust of the metal part in the heating system, greatly extending the service life of metal valves, switches, boilers, water collectors and other metal parts in the whole heating system. If the oxygen resistance pipe is used in tap water, even if the water does not flow for a long time, it will not deteriorate due to oxidation, and the bacteria living by oxygen can not breed, which can fully protect the metal part of the system from corrosion and rust, prolong the service life of the whole equipment system.

Product features:

  • High temperature resistance, maximum temperature up to 95℃, long-term working temperature of 70℃

  • Good flexibility and high wear resistance at low temperature

  • Good creep resistance

  • Safe and sanitary, long service life and high impact resistance strength

  • Welding allowed

  • Clean surface, no scaling, pressure reduction, aging resistance, corrosion resistance

  • Low temperature and brittle resistance