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Copper pipe parts

Product parameters: Specifications (mm):

Using red flush forging process through precision machining, which is a unrefined gold with characteristics of thick, solid and durable. The surface adopts the throwing wire wheel which is in bright color, humanized design. Adding the wrench position to make it easy to install the product to make sure it will be in high strength, high pressure resistance and high safety factor.

Product features:

1、Fine production. Products use refined brass material forging, manufactured by precision machining, which is thick and solid, eliminating the water leakage problem of traditional casting production may produce.

2、The thread uses straight teeth insertion process, which is convenient for raw material belt winding without skid, and can completely cling to the thread.

3、Humanized design. Add a wrench position to make it easy for the user to install. Thickening treatment ensures high safety factor. High strength and high pressure resistance, if it damages, it doesn’t break in the wall, which can be easily replaced.

4、The surface adopts cast steel wire wheel with bright color and five years of quality assurance, so that consumers can be rest assured to use the product.